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All about a recap - 2022

2023 is here already! What a year 2022 was! So many things achieved, so many things lost, so many other things learnt and so many lessons taught. Now when I look back at the year that's gone, I realize how far I have made it. Sometimes it is tough to digest the fact that a little girl wearing pigtails, always protected by her parents, is today leading a life of her own in the real world, with hopes and dreams and fighting for what she deserves. And to be able to live and experience all of this with the man of my dreams is indeed a dream come true.

2022 highlights:

  • I quit my previous organization, which always felt suffocating due to the amount of stress and workload, and joined an organization that seems to be providing me a good balance of work and life, so far.

  • I cleared one of the technical certifications that I had been putting off for a really long time. I was over the moon to have cleared it in my first attempt!

  • I became a proud owner of a beautiful motorcycle, Gen2 Yamaha MT-15. Beasty enough, at the same time I can reach my legs to balance myself, because now that's the most crucial aspect for me and this bike checked all the boxes I had in my mind.

  • I fulfilled my husband's dream of traveling on our own motorcycles! I think I made it to Santa's good list for this (haha) because I know how happy Akshay felt on the day of our ride. Yes there will be a full blown post on this. Delayed, yes. But it will be there.

  • Completed my first 1000 kms in 3 days! A memorable trip to Jog Falls made this possible. One blog post coming right up for this.

  • There was a new addition to our family by the end of 2022. Oh no! not what you are thinking! We bought a new car! The beautiful, sporty yet compact Hyundai's i20 N-Line! Like I always say, our vehicles are our children and we are now proud parents of four! (Oh yeah, Akshay bought himself a Yamaha Aerox-155! I know you might think it is outrageous to own so many vehicles, but we know that each of these vehicles are worth every penny we have spent).

So that's pretty much how my year had been. It wasn't always happy, there were tears, disappointments, struggles along the way. But hey! no one really puts it out there explicitly for the world to see it. But always remember, if someone has achieved something that they value in their lives, then know this that there were hardships and hurdles behind it and always appreciate it.

I am not big on new year resolutions. But I always keep a small book, every single year, where I simply write down what I want to achieve that year. Whenever I feel my goal is impossible, I simply flip open to that page and tell myself how badly I want a checkmark beside that goal. That's helped me so far. Hoping it will help me for the years to come as well. Ok, one little goal that I will give you in on is that this year I plan to put out more blog posts, talking about our travels, our experiences and everything that I can share that can motivate someone who might read it someday. Fingers crossed on this one!

So until next adventure...

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