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All about our Roots

"We are going home!" a phrase I never thought, one day, would bring me so much joy and peace. A phrase I hate to say more often because I wish I could stay back home and never had to go back to Bangalore. No matter how advanced, dream-fulfilling city Bangalore is, I personally, cannot bear the thought of staying in this city forever. Akshay and I love heading back to our homes because there is nothing like resting your head on your mom's lap after a tired day and walking on the warm sand, barefoot. We, of all, miss that the most.

Akshay and I belong to the beautiful coastal cities that line the south-western part of India. Cities that are known world-wide for their cultural heritage, food and the scenic beaches that dot all along one's way on a road trip. Cities that are known for their mouth-watering cuisines that have made their mark internationally. We are proud to be the daughter and son of Mangalore and Udupi.

There are 3 things that I love the most about my native:

  1. Food - You see, the platter of coastal food does justice to both vegans and non-vegans. There is nothing you can do but simply fall in love with the lip smacking plethora of food. There is a reason why I put on weight when I visit my's true!!!

  2. Beaches - Since Mangalore and Udupi form the coastline of south-western part of Karnataka, it goes without saying that the road trips are going to be interrupted by lots of pit stops, thanks to the beautiful beaches that keep you company all along the way until you enter Goa.

  3. Language - Udupi and Mangalore house several beliefs and cultures that have their own tongue, but predominantly people residing here speak Tulu. It is a beautiful Dravidian language, that when spoken in any part of the world, between people from Tulu Nadu (Mangalore and Udupi, together is called Tulu Nadu, named after the local language Tulu. 'Tulu' being the language name and 'Nadu' meaning land), it is an instant bonding that brings along the warmth of home. When I hear someone speaking Tulu or Kannada in a Mangalore-Udupi dialect, my radars are high atop and there is always a smile on my face, a smile like finding water in a desert!

We have come down to our hometowns post the lockdown was lifted. We had been cooped up inside our tiny Bangalore apartment for good 7 months, that we now whole-heartedly understand and assimilate the value of our hometowns. We are now making every moment count here. Almost every weekend is spent exploring every nook and corner of our cities. I mean no offence when I say this pandemic was in a way a blessing in disguise! If it weren't for the new norm of WFH (Work From Home), we wouldn't be able to spend so much time with our families and also make time for ourselves and for what we love. Since Akshay and I are on the same page when it comes to travelling, we are trying to make the most out of our time here, which means loads of blogs to come with loads of photographs to accompany them.

I am super excited about life now and look forward to every weekend. Though I might have visited few of the places already, I have started seeing them with a whole new perspective. This year wasn't an easy one for me. I think I will go ahead and say that coming back home has been the best thing that has happened to me this year. Though it is a very simple thing...being back home...I know the depth of those feelings that surface when you sit back and look out of the front porch of your house that holds so many memories of your life.

I wouldn't want to change this feeling for the world...

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