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All about our Family

When I was a young girl, I used to love reading this book, 'Black Beauty', over and over again. For those who are unfamiliar with this title, it is a book on a horse's journey right from his birth, charting every episode of the stallion. No matter how many times I read it, I never felt bored. In fact the more I read this piece of art, the more I fell in love with it. The horse's autobiography describes every feeling that poor animal ever felt, the hurts, disappointments and happiness when he was transferred from one owner to the next.

My family owned a car whom we treated no less than an equal member of the family. My dad is the epitome of loving and caring for his things and his car was no less of a child for him. I grew up seeing this and I carry the same DNA of love towards vehicles. I feel they too are like the horse in the book. They too have a heart. They too feel pain, love and anger. It's just that they cannot say it out loud, it's up to the owner to understand that. That connection is something truly magical.

By now you should have a fair enough idea as to who we are, if you were kind enough to browse through our 'Who Are We?' section on the blog :) My nuclear family includes me, my husband and our most loved bike, Phoenix. He is our baby. That is how we feel about our newest addition to the family, with a heart of 500 cc. I can't bring myself to refer the bike as 'it'. That just doesn't feel right. As crazy as it may sound our concept of owning a vehicle is treating that machine like our own. Over the years we have had several bike babies of ours starting from Yellow Lightning (It was a Honda Twister named by my hubby), Bumblebee (Bajaj 200 NS, that's when I became a part of my then-boyfriend and now-hubby's life), Prime (Bajaj Dominar 400, who was also part of our wedding) and now Phoenix (Benelli TRK 502).

We have had some amazing memories and moments with all these machines, who always fulfilled our dreams of travelling places and have always looked out for us and kept us safe. I know I should have started sharing our travel stories a long time ago but then as they better late than never, I have started to now. My husband and I are solo travellers and we very, very rarely go out in groups. So the blogs will be all about travels of the dynamic duo who want to see the world themselves rather hear about it from someone else.

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