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All about Phoenix

It was Jan 14, 2020, a Tuesday. My husband and I could hardly focus on our works. We used to call each other up every hour or so because we were so excited and so distracted. I caught myself day-dreaming and smiling to myself so many times during the day, that I wished with all my heart that my manager did not think that I have lost my marbles due to my work.

And finally it was time. 3 p.m. We were on our way in the cab, in the ever heavy, never-ending traffic of Bangalore, eagerly, impatiently waiting to jump out of the cab upon reaching our destination to catch a glimpse of him. And when we finally got out of the cab, I was slightly nervous. I could feel my heart thumping, like I was on a first date! (So not exaggerating here!) My hubby and I walked into the showroom and there he was right in front of us, hiding beneath the yellow sheets waiting for us unveil him. We finished all the paper work and waited to take him home with us.

And then the moment arrived where we pulled down those drapes hiding this beast of a machine. He was like a knight in shining red armour, standing majestic, complete with all the panniers stacked on him, just waiting for us to bring him to life. The bike was pulled out of the showroom and my husband just could not wait to switch that ignition on. Well I must say I have never seen him grin for so long from ear-to-ear and when he hit the ignition and the beast came to life, he grinned so wide that even the helmet could not hide his smile, well that includes me too:) I must say it was not an easy task for me to get on the bike. It felt pretty difficult at the moment, given the ADV setup. But once I sat on the pillion seat and we started riding along.... MAN!!! I must say I felt like I was home. I hardly felt the harsh Indian roads!!! Phoenix's suspensions took all the beatings to keep us comfortable. And his slow rumble like a Tiger, was an attention grabber, making heads turn all around us. At first it was pretty uncomfortable, with people staring at us and driving in closer to take a good look at the bike and trying to figure out which bike that stole the show. But then it slowly started sinking in that this was how it was going to be and we kind of started liking the attention ;)

And when we finally parked him down at our garage and covered him up in the rugged cover, which my husband had invested pretty hefty bucks on, and disc locked him for the night, there was a sense of satisfaction knowing that there was this bike with whom we looked forward to make so many beautiful memories and that put us into a peaceful sleep that night. Yes it looks like a happy ending but we know the sad start that we had when we first booked this bike. That is a story in itself, which I will share in my next post :)

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