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All about setting foot into 2021

Before I begin writing anything further let me wish you all a very happy new year my readers!!! I hope you all had an amazing new beginning into this year, may not have been as you had planned it out, given the circumstances around us, but I sincerely hope you set foot into this year with some joy. It has been and still continues to be a time of turbulence and uncertainty around all of us. But that should never stop one from living their life to the fullest. It is all about making the most of our time on this planet. We never realize the importance of it until we lay our head to rest one last time.

Now, you may be wondering why am I putting out such deep thoughts about life and living and time, like a nurtured motivational speaker. Isn't this what we have been hearing all throughout 2020? And yet somehow, all of us are guilty of having spent our precious time on things that didn't matter as we foresaw that we had a WHOLE year ahead of us that did not require us to do much as we could sit by the sidelines and wait for the pandemic to subside. 2020 indeed gave us the much needed break that probably next few generations might not ever receive. I would like to go as far as to say that 2020 was a double-edged sword. While it put us through the anxiety of unknowns it also gave us the time to think through a lot of things that were right and wrong in our lives.


Let me admit this very honestly. This blog post is heavily influenced by the fact that I watched Disney Pixar's new movie Soul last night. Before I write anything anymore let me make it clear that I am in no way promoting or reviewing this movie. I am simply giving words to my feelings to let you know how I touched I was. I think it's been a long time since I felt this way after watching a movie.


I am not going to reveal anything about this movie as I know, like me, there might several out there who are not ardent movie buffs and might end up watching this movie sometime later. All I want to say is that this movie moved me to tears, not out of sadness but out of sheer happiness. It has portrayed very innocently, how we, during our course of live on this Earth, chase after our purpose and dreams and sparks. Yes that is correct. You should go after what you love. But what we majorly forget from time-to-time is that being born here and having the opportunity to be capable enough to live and perform the simple task of breathing, is a true blessing. It is a true depiction of "you never know the value of something until you lose it and have no means of getting it back". They have successfully captured the fact that it is possible to smile through your defeats and hurdles, if and only if you dearly love your life and live each day with gratitude and enjoy EVERY single moment of it.

Now I am not the type who can crawl under the skin of a movie and pull out the underlying meaning and intent out of it. This is what I felt was the message from this film. I maybe right. I maybe wrong. But hey, that's the beauty of it! It's ultimately what good is it that you take away from what you watch. My only complaint after all this is, this movie should have made it to the screens by the beginning of 2020. The world would have had something good to go back to when it felt low. But then I just am glad I watched it at least later than never.

So that's all folks! Live your life, make the best of your time here. Always remember happiness isn't measured by your success. It is measured by how happy and less complaining that tiny little fellow inside you is. We call that fellow the conscience. So keep this little fellow happy and you will be happy too.

Happy New Year once again! Until next adventure...

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