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Padubidri Blueflag and Open Beach

Padubidri Blueflag and Open Beach

Mangalore to Karwar is a magical coastal stretch. The 270 kms stretch has several hidden , rarely visited, unseen beautfiful beaches. Each of them offering a little different value to every traveller who can take the efforts to visit them. Some of them are commercial tourist attractions for the crowd lovers while the rest are an escape plan for peace and health lovers. While Goa is more synonymous with fun beaches, this coastal stretch is gaining traction to a new breed of tourists that seek to spend peaceful time with their loved ones. 33 kms from Mangalore, Padubidri is one of the eight beaches selected from India for the "blue flag" recognition by the Denmark-based Foundation for Environment Education (FEE). The beach offers peace and tranquility to the soul and is away from the rush and crowd of the Commercial beaches around that line. There are two parts to the beach here, 1) The Padubidri beach, which is open and free to public. On reaching here, you will see a beautiful arch that marks the entrance to the beach. To the right of the arch, it has neatly laid out seating facility with a limited parking directly accessible. The seating section has lot of short coconut trees that provide it a natural breezy shade. To the left of the arch, you find a road that leads to a bigger parking area where you can choose to sit in your car and enjoy the view. Continuing on that road takes to to the Blue flag beach which is 1.6 km drive. Take some time off during the weekday between 10 am to 3 pm to enjoy some really peaceful time with your loved ones. The beach is super clean, apart from a dump area in the rightmost section which gets cleaned periodically. You have a shop to buy anything to eat or grab a refreshing drink. But do remember to make use of the several dustbins out across the beach and let others enjoy the same serenity. This section of the beach does not have any drone rules, but beware of any local moral policeman 2) The "blue flag" beach is approx 1.6 km from the open beach. The entrance fee is 30 rs per head. The parking fee for 2 wheelers is 20 rs and 30 rs for the 4 wheelers. The parking facility is well maintained and spacious. The is beach has no-plastic policy and you are strictly prohibited from flying any kind of drone here. You can get your own food and water, but make sure to use one the many well planted garbage bins. There are no food stalls or shops close to a km to this place. For the ones excited tp take a dip in the sea, you can head over to the planned "safe bathing area" in the sea. You can also find well maintained shower rooms and washrooms. The bathing area is constantly watched by lifeguards. You have lots of bamboo benches, and wooden swings. There is a play area for the children and a few handful gym machines for the health lovers. There are bamboo reclined chairs planted under straw umbrella which is 50 rs per hour per head, which feels quite greedy but them you tent to accept the pay since it keeps away reckless idiots. The entire place is watched by nearly 50 staff members and has cctv installed at several places. Throwing garbage or your plastic bottles can land you into trouble, hefty penalty and lots of embarrassment. Both the beaches are peaceful and calm during the weekdays if you do not enjoy being in the crowd. On the weekend it's little bit crowded but definitely lively. Google Map Link: Blue Flag Beach 🔻 Song: Extenz - Gravity (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🔺
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