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We are an everyday, normal couple who are part of, yes, you guessed it right, "THE IT" world. Is it odd that most bloggers turn out to be IT guys and end up writing posts like I do, sharing their struggles, frustrations, unfulfilled dreams and sometimes-come-true wishes?

I am here to jot down my experiences on sitting pillion on a motorcycle in the world of traveling around on two wheels. My husband and I lovvve traveling on our motorcycle and do not miss an opportunity to get out of the house on a weekend, even if it means a ride of 5 km to our nearest, favorite chai shop, where we find the freedom and openness to discuss our dreams, our travel plans, zeroing in on our next destination, which for some reason we do not find the heart to discuss about, boxed within four walls!!! As weird as it may sound, we have always found our desire to travel and experience life, soaring up when we find ourselves out in the real world.

We are that couple who wants to enjoy our life to the fullest and when I say this, I mean, kicking and stomping down all stereotypes, boundaries and rules that society has set to "restrict" people. We are that couple who have absolutely no desire to invest on setting a roof or a bank account hoarded with currency for our future generations. We mean it!
We are a live today and yes, save a bit for tomorrow (mostly, of course, for our next travel) kind of people.

So join us on our humble, memorable journey.

Akshay & Anisha

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